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Formula One's new Qualifying Format for 2016

The F1 teams have unanimously voted to change the knockout qualifying format from this season on. Featured is a rolling knock-out formula that encourages fast laps throughout the session. Personally, I like it. See Autosport:

ā€œQ1 will now last 16 minutes and after seven minutes the slowest driver will take no further part in the session.


Every 90 seconds thereafter, the slowest will be knocked out until there are only 15 drivers remaining.

After a short break, Q2 will commence and last 15 minutes with the slowest driver eliminated after six minutes.


As was the case in Q1, the slowest driver at the time will be knocked out at 90-second intervals until eight remain.

Q3 will last 14 minutes and see the process repeated again with the slowest taking no further part after five minutes.


The next five drivers will drop out at 90-second intervals leaving the final two drivers to fight it out for pole in the final 90 seconds.ā€

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